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The Mystery of the Disappearing iPhone Apps

It’s a story you won’t be reading in any Agatha Christie novel, but the mysterious allure is just as thrilling as the daily tribulations of Detective Hercule Poirot. It was a pleasant day in August, I remember it well. The day I realized that something was amiss in the city of Cupertino, California.

If you haven’t already noticed for yourself, Apple has been pulling the plug on a few of their most popular iPhone applications in their arsenal. It was only last week when the high profile app, NetShare, was plunked from the App Store inventory without a word, and now the popular Box Office application has been ripped from the metaphorical shelves. The really weird thing is that the developers of these apps haven’t received any explanations for the sudden recalls.

Metasyntactic, the developer of Box Office, says that they have attempted contact with Apple multiple times, trying to get at least an inkling of an explanation. But so far, they’ve heard nothing. Rumors are circulating that the back alley of the Cupertino security department might be in disarray. A possible security flaw could be the culprit for the unanswered product yanking.

Apple has made it very clear that they are the big dog in the yard when it comes to the App Store. If they want to yank an app off their shelves, they will do exactly that. And while an explanation is nowhere to be found, we’ll surely hear a lot more about it soon if the reasoning happens to be security related.


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