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The Multiplayer Electronic Trivia System

The Multiplayer Electronic Trivia System

You know when you and your friends are out enjoying an evening eating dinner or dancing the hours away in a bar or pub and you spend some time playing the Buzztime electronic trivia game, well you can now enjoy it at home. This multi-player electronic trivia system is just like the one that you and your friends enjoy except you can play it at home on your television.

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy family night then you should try this game system. Up to four people can play while using the wireless handheld controllers.

Game play is simple; you are giving a time limit to answer a question that appears on the screen from multiple-choice answers. Who ever gets the correct answer first is of course the winner. The kids will really love this game as well and may even learn a bit while playing.

The multi-player electronic trivia system has different game options for you to choose from such as multi-player competitions, solo play and team play. It even has a hint option for really difficult questions.

You will receive with your multi-player electronic trivia system four wireless handheld controllers and four extra 550-question memory cards. With the extra memory cards, you will have a total of 2,950 questions concerning trivia about television, history, sports, and a category named “everything”. The 8-foot A/V connection cord is also included. You will however need 4 “AA” batteries for the console and 2”AA” batteries for each controller. This game is recommended for children 8 and up, but I think it would be fine for younger children; it is never too early to learn.

You can find this entertaining game system for $169.95.

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  1. I need to know if you guys have a system for a classroom for about 30 kids I need to know if this is possible and pricing. please email me at : for the answer
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