The Mr Brightside USB Light


Task lighting is always nice when what you’re working on isn’t well lit, sometimes it can become difficult to concentrate.  There have been several lights that are powered by your USB ports and this is just one more to add to the list.  I do find it a little odd how tiny it is.  With other types it seemed like it could easily illuminate something besides your keyboard keys, but with this it seems like it wouldn’t be that bright.  However, if you like to plan for anything when you’re traveling, this could easily be stashed within your laptop bag.

Hopefully it’s brighter than it looks, from the picture it seems to be only as bright as one of those weak keychain lights.  The light comes in a variety of colors, black, cherry, lime and blueberry.  You can even choose to purchase a pack of three in all the same color for slightly cheaper than the individual price.  For one it’ll cost you about $9 and for the pack of three it’ll cost you $20.  Then if you lose one, it won’t be expensive to replace it.

Source: CraziestGadgets