The Mouse Arm Rest keeps your wrist from aching

After long hours of gaming or browsing the net, it can make your arm a bit uncomfortable.  With carpul tunnel being such a major fear for those that make their living on the computer, a rest like this might help.  I know after finishing my daily dose of blogging I like to mess with a little computer gaming.  Which puts me in front of the computer even longer.  This rest would keep your arm at a comfortable angle the whole time and prevent you from holding your arm at any bad angles.

The piece can also turn when not in use, so you are less likely to bump into it all the time.  It attaches by clamping on, so it could easily attach to the desk itself or if you have one a keyboard drawer instead.  It will work with desks that are up to 5cm thick.  Another great thing, since it just clamps on you could use it at work and take it home with you to attach to your desk at home.  It is made of plastic and comes in gray, yellow or black and is being sold for $19.99.

Source: bookofjoe

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