The mother of all barbeque trailers.

I don’t think there are superlatives adequate enough to describe this monster barbeque trailer, that can apparently feed up to 300 to 500 people in one session. As well as carrying 160,000 BTUs of propane gas, this barbeque beast is packed with gadgets.

The David Close BBQ comes fitted with:

• A satellite receiver and radio channels with wireless headphones
• A 23” Sony flat screen display
• Solar panels
• A DVD player
• A beer fridge
• and a paper towel dispenser…. nice touch that.

These huge portable barbeques are manufactured in Texas, where I guess they wouldn’t usually turn heads, but over here in Europe people would tell their grandchildren about the time one came by and fed the whole village.

This awesome portable barbeque is available from David Klose.

Found via Über Review and Oh Gizmo.