The Most Portable DVD Player

portable-dvd-player.jpgThe majority of portable DVD players might live up to their namesake, but how many of them are convenient to lug around? The Most Portable DVD Player pulls to punches by measuring a mere 1″ thick, making it easy to slip into your bag in a cinch.

This portable, handheld device allows you to watch DVDs and listen to CDs and easily fits into a carry-on bag because it is only 1″ thick. The unit has a 3 1/2″ TFT LCD screen that can redraw images faster than typical LCD monitors, resulting in a sharp, clear, and detailed resolution. Integrated anti-skip circuitry maintains uninterrupted viewing during turbulent flights or bumpy car rides, and it provides multiple viewing angles because it can be adjusted using its integrated stand. Compatible with all CDs and DVDs, this unit has two stereo speaker, and includes a headphone jack for private listening. With a remote control, a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that lasts up to three hours on a full charge, AC adapter, DC car adapter, a nd a carrying case. Connects to a television via included AV cable.

It currently retails for $149.95 from Hammacher.