The Lili Lite for serious readers

Being a total bookworm, I have a thing for electronics that make a little night time reading more convenient.  Really in reality all you need is a small lamp, not much is actually needed for reading your book.  However, if you’re committed to your reading habits you might get some joy from buying accessories to go along with your hobby.  Although something like this isn’t completely necessary, this is probably the most ingenious design I’ve seen when it comes to reading lamps.

First of all it allows for you to keep several books right there at the bed.  Which is nice if you like to be in the process of reading more than one book at once.  It also has an angled area so that you can leave your book open on the very end.  Then to top it off it has a light built into the underside of the shelf.  The entire design would save space and for most people and would get rid of the need for a bedside table.  The only down side would be there isn’t a convenient spot for your alarm clock.  However, the shelf is if nothing else, very bookworm friendly.  You can pick it up for 119.00 € or about $155.

Source: Likecool