The LightKeeper Pro

Having just put up my Christmas lights this weekend (22 days and counting) I know the pain of getting them set up just right, plugging them in, and finding that a section that’s entirely noticeable seems not to be working. Sometimes going through light by light and checking them individually will work, but other times you end up just taking them down and buying a new set. Man, I wish I had the LightKeeper Pro with me today, which can repair your Christmas lights with ease, it would’ve saved me some time.

It looks more like a torch, but it actually helps detect and repair faulty bulbs in your light strands. By sending an electric pulse, it can detect and repair bad “shunts” of lights, which end up causing ½ the strand to go out. Also built in is a voltage tester, light remover, and a bulb/fuse tester; it even doubles as a storage compartment for extra bulbs, fuses, and tape. My only complaint is the type of batteries it uses, button cells (those tiny, tiny, tiny ones!), but they are included. An unnecessary feature, but a handy one is the built in LED light for working in dark corners or if you feel like putting your lights up in the dirk, at night.

At only $25, the LightKeeper Pro is a great gadget to pick up before you put the lights out this year because I guarantee you’ll find a strand or two that just won’t work, and this might save you a few bucks by fixing it so that you won’t have to go out and buy a new strand.

Product Page – [via OhGizmo]