The Light Bulb Door Knob lights your path

If you have an area of the house that it’s a pain to see, it might be nice to have something set up for in case you can’t find a flashlight.  Yes, you could purchase any number of night lights that are either battery powered or plug into a wall.  However, it wouldn’t look nearly as cool as this concept design by Jeong-Sun Park.  All the battery powered lights that are meant to stick onto the wall look cheap and not nearly as chic and interesting as this door knob light bulb.

The door knob has an internal generator that will store energy.  Then when you could use a little light to do whatever it is you’re doing, the light will be ready and waiting.  It’d be great for emergency situations, or just when you wander the house in the middle of the night.  It would also give you a door knob that was actually interesting and would stand out to any guests that would stop by.  Unfortunately, this is a concept, so you can’t purchase the product just yet.

Source: Techeblog