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The LED Hourglass

Here’s another twist to old technology, it takes the hourglass and updates it.  Instead of sand slowly seeping to the other half it’s LED lights.  It not only would work great as a kitchen timer, but would be an interesting piece to have sitting out in any room.  It would be difficult to figure out exactly how much time you have left before it’s done.  Yet, it would still look great while counting down.

There have been other things similar to this, not quite as chic as this one, but similar ideas.  This was designed by Young Bok Kim and sadly is still a concept design.  Although likely even if it weren’t, it would be far out of the average price range.  If you’re looking for an affordable version and a product you’re actually able to acquire you could check out the Digital Hour Glass Timer.  It’s not quite as pretty as this design, but it could tide you over till the real thing comes out.

Source: Yanko