The Laser-Etched Wooden Bulb

I’m not really sure what the fascination is with making wooden gadgets, but here’s another one to add to the list.  Now you can purchase a wooden bulb to go with your wooden keyboard and bamboo laptop.  This odd little bulb no matter where it’s hung is bound to attract attention.  Whether it’s good or bad attention is debatable, but it will likely spark conversation either way.  It would also create a cool lighting effect on your walls since the wood has a waffle-like pattern.

The wood covering is actually made out of laser cut plywood.  It can be hung from the ceiling or it can lay on its side as shown here.  Luckily, the site was kind enough to offer step-by-step instructions on how exactly to change the light bulb itself.  Although the light is called the wooden bulb, technically there still is a conventional light bulb concealed within.  It uses a regular 60W bulb.  Sadly, the light is a little pricey, you can pick it up for £60.00 or about $88.  It is out of stock right now, but you can pre-order it for when they do get more in stock.