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The Joker Light features Batman style lighting

It’s always great when modern design can have a slight geeky twist.  This edgy lamp may be called the Joker, but it definitely has a Batman type feel to it.  Which apparently it was meant to come off that way judging from the kid sitting under the lamp with a batman mask pinned to the top of his head.  It is nice that it could still look perfectly natural in any home and still remind you of your comic loving side.

Despite that the lamp looks so modern and new, it was actually created in 1970, when it won 1st prize at a Scandinavian Lighting fair.  It was created by Christian Raeder and despite that he created it in 1970, it’s still worth a great deal to purchase brand new.  It comes in white as well as black, black of course will appeal more to those that like the batman style look.  The light is currently up for sale on Morba’s online shop for $285.

Source: CraziestGadgets