The Jitterbug

The Jitterbug
Cell phones do more and more these days, they can browse the web, play video and music, provide you with GPS directions, take videos and more. That’s great for some people, but there are some that just want a phone that will call 911 and a few friends when they need it.

That’s what the Jitterbug does. Don’t be afraid of the silly name, it’s not one of one of those kid oriented phones such as the Firefly, it actually looks pretty sleek.

As soon as you flip open the phone, you’ll hear a dial tone to signal that you’re ready to make a call. You can clearly see three large illuminated buttons. The first reads Operator, which will connect you to one of the Jitterbug operators, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows you to lookup a number, find a tow truck, or call a number of your choice. The next reads My Choice, which will instantly dial your most dialed number. The last is for emergencies that reads 911, pretty simple.

If you ever need to do any navigating around the phone, that’s pretty simple too. All options are yes or no questions that can be read clearly on the large font color screen.

You will have to buy cellular service for your phone to work, but there a variety of plans you can get, even one with a miniscule 30 minutes! Cellular coverage should be available across the continental US, but there are always spots where you just can’t get a signal.

A cell phone is pretty much a no brainer these days, it can be extremely useful in emergencies and simply when you want to contact someone from the middle of nowhere, and for those who just want the basics, but not some dorky looking phone the Jitterbug looks pretty good. You can get yours for $150 (includes phone, free car charger, and 100 free minutes) from firstSTREET.

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