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The ISIS – Most Difficult Puzzle EVER?

sw700sil_pip.jpgEveryone has a “puzzle master” on their holiday gift list. They’re the ones who loved the Rubik’s Cube, is a wizard at Sudoku and mere 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles are a yawn.

This year, give them the ultimate puzzle gift. Sharper Image is selling The ISIS puzzle globe and is touting it as the “the most difficult puzzle ever.”

Each ISIS is unique, with just one solution. The puzzle is a gleaming orb, handcrafted in England of a premier alloy of aluminum and constructed of precisely engineered, movable bands. Each band is etched with hieroglyphics and the challenge is to position those bands in the right combination to unlock the ISIS. Each individual ISIS is etched with two unique 10-digit numbers, one visible on the outside, the other hidden on the inside, only uncovered when you solve the globe puzzle.

There are more puzzle solving quests and prizes available to you when you register your ISIS at their dedicated website (from Sharper Image):

The first step on this richly rewarding journey is registering your ISIS online at The registration page will ask for your contact information and the 10-digit serial number on the outer shell of your ISIS; this number belongs to your puzzle and yours alone. Only once you’ve registered can you gain access to the “decryption files” – top-secret documents that will help you solve the 10 brain-teasing clues that appear in The ISIS instruction booklet.

Once you have the decryption files, you will have every resource necessary to unlock the mystery of The ISIS. And when you have finally unlocked “the most difficult puzzle ever,” you will find the hidden 10-digit code inside of it. This code is the key that will unlock and cast open the doors of the much-anticipated Award Zone.

To access the Award Zone, you must return to The ISIS Website and log back in using the username and password you established upon registration. However, the journey is not over once you’ve reached this level. Upon arrival, you will be presented with a choice – solve one more riddle for $1,000 cash; or take a chance with one of 10 mystery prizes such as a $2,000 massage chair. Your selection will be a roll of the dice; which mystery prize will await you? When you select a mystery prize, you will be shown a riddle. If you are the first person to solve this riddle, you will win the mystery prize. Prizes will be delivered in 4 – 6 weeks. You will also find clues to a treasure hunt for valuables hidden in major cities across America.

This will befuddle and delight even the most clever puzzle solver on your friends list. Pick one up today for $199.95.

[Sharper Image]

4 thoughts on “The ISIS – Most Difficult Puzzle EVER?”

  1. THE SIMPSONS did it first 🙂 I guess all you need to solve it is to knock it onto the ground. Hilarious to think Sharper Image or whomever made this is getting their ideas from the Simpsons.

  2. An amazing puzzle, I simply can not put it down, and to answer Dohmers question, the creator of thsi elaborate and well made puzzle is Darren G. Davis. I would reccomend this amazing puzzle to any one of my friends.

  3. I purchsed the isis puzzle for a xmas present. we registered
    and gave the e-mail address of [email protected]. I never heard back form anyone. We would like and need the
    decryption files. Can you help us. Without the decryption files I just purchsed a 200.00 paper weight for a 14 year old
    and that aint cool.
    Please Help!

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