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The iPhone Skateboard

Skateboards have always featured interesting artwork and in a wide range of styles.  Which as a kid made me really want to learn how to use one without looking like an idiot.  However, sadly I lack the coordination and balance, not to mention I only had about six feet of sidewalk to practice on.  Beyond that and I was stuck attempting to skateboard on gravel.  Well this skateboard might not draw in the younger crowd, but older tech savvy skateboarders will likely get a kick out of it.

It features on both sides the icons that show up on iPhone’s home screen.  It actually shows the same icons on both sides, it’d be nice if it was at least slightly different on the bottom or top of the skateboard.  Even if it’s not a complex design, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd if you take this out to the local skate park.  You can purchase the skateboard for $59.99 from Zazzle, which isn’t a bad price for a novelty skateboard.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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