The iPhone becomes a Surveillance tool

iphone security camera

In today’s security obsessed world, having a portable surveillance capability is always advantageous when trying to keep up with the bad guys. A new iPhone application can now allow security personnel to not only track security camera images, but also control them. Vegas will no doubt take notice.

Lextech is the company that publishes the software, made possible by the Apple iPhone Software development kit release and it not only gives users a wireless capability to keep watch from security cameras, but also control them using the multi touch screen capability of the iPhone. Users can zoom, tilt, and pan just like operating the camera from a joystick.
Check out videos of it in action here and here.

The possibilities are nearly endless with this kind of technology. If people can keep track via the Internet of their home while on vacation, or parents watching their kids from another room, or even keeping track of baby sitters and housekeepers, the personal benefits can be nearly endless. Me, I like the entertainment possibilities of using the software to view scenes while making movies without having to hover over a tv monitor off set.

And it may also have practical real world law enforcement and military applications as well as it would give security forces control of loitering surveillance platforms in real time.

Hat Tip – The Giz

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