The intelligent toilet from Neorest

I don’t think Thomas Crapper would recognise this as toilet any more than Orville Wright would recognise a stealth bomber as an aeroplane.

Neorest, the company that manufacture these high-tech looking loos, describe them as “an experience beyond words” and having read the specifications, I don’t think they’re exaggerating!

The lid automatically opens as you walk up to the throne. The seat’s heated of course, and as you get down to business, a catalytic air purifier kicks in to remove any “unwanted odours”, with a manual power override for those particularly unpleasant visits.

There’s a warm-water massage spray, and a hot air dryer, and you can control the temperature and intensity of both using the LCD panel shown here.

Once you’ve finished and left the “sensor zone” the toilet automatically closes the lid and starts a three stage “Cyclone” flush; the strength of which depends on how long you’ve been busy on the toilet and previous patterns of usage.

The only thing missing from the toilet are speakers. You could install audio sensors and program the toilet to play a light Vivaldi number to help you wind down, safe in the knowledge that it would be ready to switch over to the 1812 Overture should your bowels become more active.

But there’s no price tag though…. Any guesses?

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