The Inflatable Affordable Spa

Inflatable Spa

Having a spa in your backyard is a sure sign of decadence. Generally they’ve been pretty pricey and far from usable year round in the UK, so only a permille of the population have one in the back garden. Today I came across the Lay-z-Spa which is both portable and relatively cheap.

The Lay-z-Spa costs £499 (haha a UK product :)) and looks a bit like a high quality inflatable paddling pool but a lot more fun. It boasts the following features:

  • Superior Quality & Comfort
  • Capacity 4 Adults
  • Air Massage System
  • Quick Heating System
  • Clean Filtering System
  • Portable Unit
  • Easy, Fast Setup!
  • Inflatable Pool and Cover
  • Nylon Outer Cover
  • Inflates using Spa’s Motor
  • Plugs into Standard UK Socket
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Designed to withstand almost any Climate

It does sound cool and great value for money. I’m not so sure about the Easy, Fast Setup though as it can take up to 12 hours to fully heat, so you will need to plan ahead. It will also save you money as next time you’re invited to a BBQ and asked to bring a bottle just say you’ll bring your spa instead :).

You can get the Lay-z-Spa now from BestWaySpa, found via Stuff.