The iFlyz Media Stand

If you’re a big traveler and are constantly stuck in situations where you kill time by watching things on your iPhone, then you might need a little assistance.  When you’re in flight, with iFlyz you could sit back and relax while watching your iPhone.  There would be no need to hold your iPhone up or attempt to prop it on some random object.  It would be far more entertaining while you’re in flight than staring at the person snoring next to you.  Just add a pair of noise-canceling headphones to the mix and you’re set.

It’s also able to be adjusted to the perfect angle and has a clamp specially designed to attach to the pull-down table in-flight.  It attaches to your iPhone by using a suction cup.  It doesn’t mention if it will work with other devices, but since it’s just a suction cup, it should.  At the very least, it should work with an iPod Touch or iPod with Video.   You’ll have to wait about a month before you can get your hands on one though.  These won’t be out until February of this year, but they are available to be pre-ordered.  If you’re within the US it will cost you $29.99 with shipping and those of you outside the States it doesn’t cost much more.

Source: ChipChick

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