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The Home Security Television Simulator

Here’s another option for those of you on the lookout for cheap home security while you’re away on vacation.  It’s of course never going to be as good as a security system that’s installed into your home, however, it’ll at least help.  This little box when flipped on simulates the flickering glow of a television.  Which in most situations would be enough that burglars would move onto the next home.  Since the path of least resistance is ideal, they’re not going to want to go into a home where someone is already home.

Yes, you could set a timer up to make your own TV flip on and off.  However, this little lighted box uses 2% of the power used by your average television.  There is also the option of getting a timer for your lights and it’d cost  you about the same.  It just all depends on your personal preference and luckily the seller distributes both.  So you can compare and choose the best choice for your home.  You can pick this up for $39.95 on Hammacher and Schlemmer.

Source: HomeImprovementIdeas

2 thoughts on “The Home Security Television Simulator”

  1. It seems like it would be cheaper to just leave a TV on. I estimate it costs $2 over a period of a few days (but consider the fact that you will be saving on electricity anyway since you’re gone).

    If the point of it is to be “green”, I highly doubt it is worth it when you weigh the environmental costs of producing one unit vs using a few extra kwh.

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