The Hear Now Two-Way Radio Collar for your Pet

Pet Radio Collar
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about mobile phones for your pets, well if you don’t want your pet knocking up a hefty phone bill why not get a two way radio collar for your pet instead, The Hear Now.

The Hear Now isn’t just a 2-way radio it also incorporates some other more “useful” features.

  • High End GPS Tracking System
  • Speak To Your Pet Up To 12 Miles
  • Collar & Harness For Cats & Dogs
  • Horse Bridle Attachment
  • Control Up To 14 Pets With one Radio
  • “Call Owner” Button
  • GEO-Fencing Capabilities
  • LED Lights With 2-Mile Visibility
  • Patents Pending (World Wide)
  • Ease Of Use For Disabled Persons
  • Stop Barking Dog Without Shouting

You can get more info over at The Hear Now, thanks to Greg Miller for posting about the hear now in our forum.

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