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The Hear Now Two-Way Radio Collar for your Pet

Pet Radio Collar
A couple of weeks ago we wrote about mobile phones for your pets, well if you don’t want your pet knocking up a hefty phone bill why not get a two way radio collar for your pet instead, The Hear Now.

The Hear Now isn’t just a 2-way radio it also incorporates some other more “useful” features.

  • High End GPS Tracking System
  • Speak To Your Pet Up To 12 Miles
  • Collar & Harness For Cats & Dogs
  • Horse Bridle Attachment
  • Control Up To 14 Pets With one Radio
  • “Call Owner” Button
  • GEO-Fencing Capabilities
  • LED Lights With 2-Mile Visibility
  • Patents Pending (World Wide)
  • Ease Of Use For Disabled Persons
  • Stop Barking Dog Without Shouting

You can get more info over at The Hear Now, thanks to Greg Miller for posting about the hear now in our forum.

5 thoughts on “The Hear Now Two-Way Radio Collar for your Pet”

  1. Anyone know much about these products? A google search turns up some information about an investment fraud scheme related to the product. I have one that I bid on and won from and it works when plugged into the charger, I was hoping there may be some product support so I can get it working off the charger, but I’m not finding anything, their website is gone.

  2. Purchased one of these and it worked while it was the charger but when you took it off the remote that goes on the dog it did not charge. Sent an email to the company that it was purchased from and they sent another one. They did not ask for the other one back. The remote that the dog wears, replaced the battery with a old bluetooth battery and it worked. It may not get the same range as intended but it works.

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