The Hanging Alarm Clock jerks out of your reach

This new alarm hangs on a 30cm cable and when it’s time to wake up it will creep up that cable and hide out on your ceiling.  The only way to shut it off is to grab it off the ceiling and hit the stop button.  Which means you’ll end up having to stand to reach the thing.  Hopefully you don’t have a cat though, because it would end up attempting to rip it down from the ceiling.  Which doesn’t look good for either your alarm clock or the cat.

To hit the snooze button, before it reaches the top, smack it good.  Then after five minutes if you haven’t shut it back off it will go off all over again.  The alarm itself actually ticks all the while giving off the sound of a wailing siren.  Then to top it off it flashes a white light.  All together this light would drive anyone insane.  You can pick it up for $29.50 or £19.95 on Firebox.

Source: Newlaunches

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