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The Hang On Outlet keeps cords in place

Pretty much all of us have heard that we should really unplug our electronics when they aren’t in use.  Several issues arise with that, one of them being later you have to search around for the plug and pray your cat didn’t use it as a toy.  Well this design by Paulo Oh addresses that specific issue.  They have designed the Hang On outlet to keep your plug up against the outlet even when it’s  unplugged.  Which means less hassle for you.

Granted this does nothing for the fact that the plug-in is located in the hardest to reach spot.  The one where you end up practically throwing out your back to actually get to it.  Those are the ones that we end up deciding maybe it’ll just kill off the bad parts of the environment.  Like maybe it will end up heating the world up so that all the poison ivy dies off.  Whether or not it’s true is besides the point.  As of now, this outlet is still a design, so no word on pricing or availability.

Source: yanko