The Handsfree Bluetooth Pillow Phone

Pillow Phone

We can say, with relative certainty, that the PerCushion is probably the most comfortable phone in the world, though whether you’ll ever get to finish a conversation without nodding off is quite another matter.

Crafted from cotton velvet with a soft inner foam core, the 66cm long PerCushion connects wirelessly to your cell phone via a Bluetooth device embedded within the pillow, which also features an integrated microphone, a loudspeaker, a rechargeable lithium ionic battery and a series of LEDs indicating whether the pillow is in active standby mode, or whether the pillow is in receipt of an incoming call.

Unfortunately, the PerCushion appears to be merely a concept at the time of writing.

Further details can be obtained from the Urban Tool website.

This is guest post by Andrew from Thoughts from the sidelines fame.

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