The Hand Grenade Mouse Mod

If you’ve been feeling like your computer setup isn’t nearly intimidating enough, a hand grenade would probably be more than enough to make it seem more intense.  After all that online gaming, you need to feel all powerful behind your computer.  A wicked looking case and a glowing keyboard aren’t always enough.  Although, gaming mouses do have all those fancy extra buttons, they just aren’t nearly cool enough.  No, the world needs hand grenade mouses for all.

There aren’t a ton of details on the mouse itself, but it was a mod job which was posted online here by the modders.  The mouse is actually made out of an old grenade casing, so it gives a slightly more authentic feel.  However, being made out of the real stuff it’s not exactly made to be ergonomic at all.  It’s just meant to look cool.  The modders actually went through the trouble of wiring up the trigger to function as the left mouse button.  So overall it’s a cool mod, I just hope if you give it a try you don’t use your computer too much or your wrist will soon grow to hate you.

Source: Technabob

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