The Great Slumber (a.k.a. Blood Puddle Pillows)

You’re crouched behind a burned shell of an old minivan. You can see the bullets flying over your head. You take a deep breath, switch to your sniper rifle, check to see you have plenty of ammo and peek your head out to see your enemy peeking out from behind a crumbling brick wall. You use your scope…zooming in right on the guy’s face and….BOOM! HEADSHOT!


What first person shooter fan hasn’t gotten a little bit of a thrill over sniping an enemy in a Call of Duty 4 deathmatch? Or when they knock off that last aggravating monster on a troublesome section of Gears of War?

Well then, if this sounds like you, then you need to pick up the Great Slumber Pillow. This morbid, yet fascinating pillow was designed by FromKeetra as a creepy homage to the infamous headshot. It’s either that, or this person really likes blood.

The pillow’s not for sale yet, but should be soon. Unfortunately, it won’t be ready for Christmas. Perhaps by Valentine’s Day? Oh yeah, that would be the perfect way to show that special someone you love them: by buying them a pillow that simulates a headshot when you rest your weary head on it. Maybe it should wait for Halloween instead.

[FromKeetra via Gizmodo]

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