The Goatee Saver gets rid of crooked goatees

I myself have obviously never dealt with the trials of attempting to get a perfectly symmetrical goatee, since, I am a girl.  Frankly, I don’t know how guys do it, I’d either get angry that it’s not quite perfect or clumsily shave more than necessary and end up scrapping the whole thing and going without.  I’m not exactly the most coordinated person in the world.  Well if you do have issues with getting it right or would just like cleaner lines you might give this odd little gadget a try.

You bite down on the mouth insert and then it adjusts to get it just right for you.  It can move up or down by adjusting the part you bite down on.  It also can get wider in three different areas, which can move separately or together.  I would advise that you keep this thing a secret, because if your significant other catches you using it, she’s likely to end up falling on the floor laughing at you.  You have to admit, it does look the slightest bit dorky, no matter how effective it actually is.  They actually aren’t that expensive, they are being sold for $19.99. Although I expect to soon see a commercial with these that will offer this and two other gadgets that you don’t really need for the same price.

Source: Techeblog

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