The Go Anywhere Backpack fits in your palm

Sure, normal backpacks are all well and good for students, but what about us sporadic world trekkers who only need to whip out a backpack when we go traveling? We certainly don’t need a big old sack sitting around, taking up even more of our home’s storage, which admittedly, we can’t sacrifice. We’re becoming decidedly cramped up in here.

That’s why the Go Anywhere Backpack is so cool. When you’re not using it, it literally folds into a pocket sized bulge. While it might be a little too large to actually fit in your pocket without looking like you have some kind of abnormal growth, it’s certainly a whole ton more compact than a normal backpack.

The Go Anywhere packs are feather-weights. They weigh nearly nothing compared with standard backpacks. And can you fold your current backpack into a small sized ball that can fit in the palm of your hand? I think not. For those who are too self conscious to wear the straps over your shoulders, there’s also a duffel bag version available.

The Go Anywhere packs are made with a durable 70D rip-stop taffeta, which also is a pretty lightweight material. Perfect for hiking, camping, or a light walk on the beach. UrbanTrend doesn’t have a price available just yet. So those of you eager to check out this pack will have to wait just a tad bit longer. We can’t imagine the price being anymore than $30 at most though.

Product Page via Fashionably Geek

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