The Four Eyes USB Drive

Most USB drives are getting smaller and smaller, some so small that many of us would either lose them or manage to break them.  With the trend as it is, many might find it odd to see this Four Eyes USB Drive.  It’s not even trying to be small, yet it has a reason for the shape it flaunts so proudly.  The glasses are to pay respects to all of the nerds, the misfits.  The long yet thin shape is so that you can not only use this as your USB drive, but for a bookmark as well.

I find the design to be truly brilliant.  When I pack up my laptop bag there are a few things that always get packed along with my laptop, one thing being at least one book.  If you ever wanted to keep track of your USB drive while traveling, stashing it in your book would be an effective way.  That is unless you’re the sort that loses bookmarks on a regular basis.  The drive isn’t out just yet, you’ll see it popping up in March.  At which point it will be sold for $29 for a 2GB drive.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets