The Fog-Free Shower Mirror with LED Light and Clock

If you have the pleasure of either living alone or living with a female who doesn’t fill the shower up with about fifteen different types of shampoos and soaps, then you might have room for something like this.  It makes it so you can keep your entire shaving kit conveniently in the shower and hung out of the way.  Now of course this only works if you have enough space, but if you do it’d be nice way to simplify your daily routine.  It also might help to get a little clutter off of the bathroom sink.

Which would be good for those guys that happen to have several different types of hair gels lying around.  The mirror is fog-free, so no matter how hot you like your showers you’ll still be able to see in the mirror.  The caddy has a spot for both your razor and your shaving cream.  It attaches to the shower wall by suction cup.  If your shower doesn’t have much lighting, you’ll especially love the twin LED lights built in to illuminate your face.  Even better is that you can keep track of time by the built-in clock.  To pick one up it will cost you $29.95.

Source: GadgetGrid