The Flying Skull chomps like a flying Pac-man

In my personal opinion Halloween is the absolute best of all holidays and the decorations to go with it are even better.  Actually a couple of mine don’t get put away when Halloween is over.  One small zombie named Gus stays on my desk year round.  It’s not that my house stays looking like Halloween all year round, it’s just that there are just a few favorites that I never have the heart to put into a box and hide away for 11 months.  Well although this Flying Skull isn’t quite as lovable as Gus, he would be fun to keep hung in a closet somewhere.

It is powered by a propeller as well as wing power.  It stays attached to a cord and will fly about the room on its own.  It also chomps its jaws and his eyes light up red.  The mounting bracket that comes with it can be mounted to the ceiling or for outdoor affairs can attach to a post.  It is being sold for £2.95 or about $6.

Source: NerdApproved