The Floodlamp Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are rarely anything to get excited over, but this Floodlamp Desk Lamp is far more unique than most of the desk lamps on the market.  Even if you’re not a major football fan this would be an interesting light to add to your desk.  Especially if you enjoy nice clean lines and chrome accessories.  It also appears as if it would illuminate any task you might be working on extremely well since it’s packed full of six bulbs.

The head of the light can swivel around, so you can shift it instead of the whole lamp when you need it pointed in a different direction.  It stands 510mm tall, to give you an idea of how it will look standing on your desk.  It uses six 25W bulbs to keep the lamp shining brightly.  Unfortunately, the lamp is definitely a bit pricey.  You can pick it up on Drink Stuff for £69.95 or about $108.

Source:  GeekAlerts