The Fishbone 4-port USB Hub

Remember those cartoon fishbones?  Well now there’s a USB hub modeled after them.  I’m not sure if it’s some statement about death or if they just for some reason find fishbones to be cool.  Despite that it’s a bit on the eccentric side, it is a great design for a hub.  The way it’s set up gives convenient spots to plug them in and still leave a little room.

Of course I’m sure your cat will be driven mad by such a USB drive.  It’d be a little more funny if for some reason your desk is decorated in a cat theme.  Then it would appear as if your fake cats managed to find a fake fish to devour.  Of course it’d also solidify you as the crazy cat person, which can’t be good.  The clearly exciting news on this fishbone is that it will work with windows ME.  I know, I was really worried that it wouldn’t work with that one, given my vast collection of computers that use it.  You can pick this up on USB Geek for $10.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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