The Fire Bell Alarm Clock

Not everyone is anxious to leave their warm bed and go off to work or school.  For those that aren’t overly excited about waking up, you might need a bit of extra coaxing.  Nothing like an alarm that sounds like an old fashioned fire bell to help you greet the day. Then again hopefully you don’t forget that it’s your alarm that makes that sound and not something warning you of a real fire.  It would also make a great gift for a relative you know is stubborn about getting out of bed.

This alarm not only looks and sounds similar to a fire bell, it’s about as loud.  Which means your neighbors are sure to hate you within a couple of days of this going off at six in the morning.  It takes 2 AA batteries to keep it going.  So you won’t be able to use the excuse that the power went out when you’ve decided to “accidentally” sleep in.  It will cost you $29.58 and it can sit on a table or be mounted to a wall.