The Film LCD Clock for die hard film fans

There are plenty of people that still prefer film to digital cameras.  They have their reasons and usually they like to knock the ones using digital and the ones using digital like to get their jabs in on them.  Everyone has their opinion and they can’t help but let the world know about it.  Well now here’s a way to display that you’re a film lover and clearly not one of the digital fans.  You wouldn’t want to get mixed up with their kind.

This odd little clock features LCD display that shows the time as well as a calendar.  Thanks to that, it’d make this the perfect desk clock as opposed to using it for a bedside clock.  Homeloo, who is selling the clock, does warn that this is very limited, so if you love the clock you might want to get on it as soon as possible.  It measures 210 x 170 x 100 mm.  It is a bit pricey though for you to rush out and grab it up.  It will cost you $53 from Homeloo.

Source: NerdApproved