The extremely tiny Lingo Wireless Mouse


There’s no question that everyone appreciates a bit of portability.  It makes it so that you have far less to carry around and it’s less of a heavy load.  Of course sometimes it gets to the point that it’s just a little too portable.  Yes, it’s more convenient, but if it makes it more difficult to use, then it kind of defeats the purpose.  This mouse is one of those items that might just be a hair too small for some people.  However, if you have tiny hands, then perhaps this mouse is a dream come true.

This one isn’t out just yet, but will be hitting Japan next month.  This mouse only measures 27.5 x 60 x 19mm, so it’s definitely not very big.  Then with only a weight of 23g it makes the mouse super lightweight as well.  The mouse is actually said to be the smallest out there right now, which I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.  It comes in white and black and has a battery life of 15 hours.  You can purchase it for $50.

Source: CrunchGear