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The Energy Saving Fox Table Lamp with Night Light

If you’re looking for a light to make your child feel more secure at night, this one is multifunctional enough that it might save you a little money.  It has two lights built-in to both illuminate activities such as reading and then a second light to create a soft glow for the kids that are scared of what might go bump in the night.  Plus it’s in the shape of a furry little fox, even if it does have an irregularly large tale attached to him.

The main light that you’d use as task lighting is within his tail.  When that is shut off you can then flip on the softer glowing light that is located in the fox’s head and use it for a night light.  The lamp comes with an 18-watt bright efficiency bulb that will last about 10,000 hours.  It also claims to create light that is “very close to nature’s own” by using a cool white bulb.  The height of the tail is adjustable and the task light is a soothing white light that will minimize glares as well as increase clarity.  You can pick it up for $28.95.

Source: NerdApproved

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  1. I have been looking for this item all over the Internet and can’t find where to buy one. I keep getting lead to and it never loads. Can someone help me?

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