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The eco-friendly Lili Webcam

This cute little Lili Webcam not only has the appeal of looking adorable, but it was created in the best of ways. The webcam has managed to be created in such a way that it is actually eco-friendly. It is also thankfully a Fair Trade product. Which means the workers were in a safe and hygienic workplace while creating the cuddly little webcam. It also means that there was no child labor going on and the workers received a fair wage. Basically, Fair Trade means the little guy doing all the work didn’t get shafted.

The webcam also features flexible legs, 1.3MP, 30fps and has a built-in microphone. It uses recycled packaging, has a reduced CO2 impact and uses renewable materials. It is being sold in red, blue, gray or green. The webcam is being sold for £29.99 or about $54, which could be construed as a bit pricey. I imagine for many it would end up being worth it though to have such a cute webcam that just happens to be eco-friendly.

Source: CraziestGadgets

2 thoughts on “The eco-friendly Lili Webcam”

  1. These things look stupid! Also i am so sick of eco friendly everything i could barf. Can someone just make a fast easy and good quality webcam thats fair priced for a change. Who the heck wants a cuddly web cam. A good wage for the workers is the only good part about this thing.

  2. “green” is the new “extreme” a few years back everything was “extreme to the Maxx” and it was annoying , but this green nonsense is even more so.

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