The eco-friendly Bagalight table lamp

This is one of those gadgets that I kind of wish they were kidding, sadly, they aren’t.  If anyone were to see this on your table, they’d likely think you had a small child that made an attempt at some arts and crafts one afternoon.  Although despite the fact that it does look a bit ugly, it is said to be an eco-friendly table light.  Actually the people at Liquidesign wanted to come up with an eco-friendly light and that’s how they came up with the idea for this lamp.

The bag is part of an entire series of lighting.  Within that series is a pendant light as well, that is made from card and paper, as is the lamp shown here.  You can also pick up their desk lamp version of the light.  Hopefully the desk lamp version does actually point light directly at your desk.  It’s always nice to have eco-friendly lighting.  However, it being eco-friendly doesn’t exactly give the designers a free pass to stop caring about the look of the overall design.  You can purchase this Bagalight for £29.99 or about $43 from My Deco.

Source: Switched

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