The transparent toaster leaves your toast exposed

This transparent toaster is every clean freak’s worst nightmare. Clear glass, messy crumbs pressed against it, I’m not even that dedicated to a spotless home and it makes me cringe a bit to think about. Every time I had friends over I’d be expecting to hear a horrified scream coming from the kitchen as they shockingly stammer “What is it?!!” and then they never come over again. I don’t have an overabundance of friends, I’m a blogger for God’s sake, we don’t always get out much. I can’t have a toaster chasing away friends. Besides, there really isn’t much lower you can go in life than having to admit your toaster scared away your friends.

Alright so there is the perk of being able to see exactly how done your toast is, that is until you burn so many crumbs onto the glass you can’t figure out if that was toast or your neighbor’s cat you slipped in there. Well the US designer David Chacon takes the toaster and places the heating functions directly into the glass. Making for an interesting new concept for toasters, even if after a few months it would likely begin to start growling at you.

It may be called the Dyson toaster but it has no connection with the actual Dyson brand, so if this ever becomes more than a concept expect a name change (or lawsuit).

Source: Tech Digest

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