The Dyson Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Robotic CleanerToo lazy to take the time to vacuum your house, or just want to confuse your pet? Dyson’s robotic vacuum just might be the thing for you.

Featuring more than 70 sensory devices and three on board computers, this machine is only 5% vacuum, and 95% robotic intelligence. It requires no human input or training to completely clean an entire area. It learns the layout of a room and uses all of its sensors with incredible accuracy to cover every inch of a room without ever repeating a section to ensure that no power is wasted and it doesn’t annoy you, zipping around the house for too long. In fact, it makes 10 decisions per second!

Still not impressed? The DC06 also charges its own batteries via a high-speed charger, as well as detecting when the job is done so it’s always ready to go for another sweep. You can also tell how your vacuum is feeling with a mood indicator light. A blue light means that it is happy and everything is going well, a green light means it is negotiating an obstacle, and a red light means it feels threatened by its environment.

The vacuum system is also impressive, using James Dyson’s cyclone technology which doesn’t require a bag, allowing it to maintain suction at a constant rate.

Sadly the worst part about this gadget is its price. It is still in the prototyping stage of development, however it is expected to cost a whopping $6000! I might wait for it to drop a few thousand dollars in price before I consider buying it.

Found via Gizmag