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The Dynamite Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning is rarely exciting or even interesting for that matter.  Well now you can wake up to dynamite every single morning.  It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.  Granted, it might not take away the Monday morning blues, but it might at least on occasion give you enough of a laugh to cope with the morning a little better.  Although being so tall and slim it would be far easier to knock this over or on a particularly grumpy morning, be chucked at the wall.

They were kind enough to warn you that the alarm clock is not recommended for travel.  I imagine airport security would not find the alarm clock quite as amusing as you do.  It’s also advised not to leave it anywhere that it might be mistaken as a real bomb.  All around, it’s just recommended that you use the clock with care, which is probably best as jumpy as people tend to be.  Imagine being skiddish over something ticking that looks like a bomb, people are so weird.  The clock runs on 2 AAA batteries, has a backlight display and will cost you £14.99 or $29.68.

Source: NerdApproved

2 thoughts on “The Dynamite Alarm Clock”

  1. Shop around.. Ive seen this retailing in stores for as much as $45 and as little as $15.
    Place well out of reach of bed to you Have to get up to turn the &*%@ thing off 🙂

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