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The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe

Do you or your kids have some valuables that need stashed away and kept safe?  Well Discovery has a safe that can only be opened by the sound of your voice. Which would be handy for hiding things away from either your spouse or your siblings.  Hopefully though this safe offers better voice recognition than the diaries that get released every so often that claim the same things.  To crack those diaries all you have to do is hear the person say whatever it is to open it.  Then match the ups and downs in their voice and you’re in.

Not that I would ever do that to my younger sister or anything.  I don’t see this safe being much better, but it would be a great toy for a younger child.  Once it recognizes your voice it will automatically pop open.  It has a shelf inside as well as a drawer to keep you valuables in.  If someone tries to physically crack the safe it will set off an alarm.  The Discovery Voice-Activated Biometric Safe will cost you $24.99.

Source: Gizmodiva