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The Digital Photo Frame Pencil Cup

Digital photo frames are a great way to show off pictures of your kids and family while you’re at work.  The down side is that they take up extra desk space, which isn’t usually an issue.  However, there are some cases where desk space is strongly needed or you just might prefer a work area free of excessive clutter.  This cup allows for you to have a spot to hold your pens and pencils as well as have a small photo frame right there on your desk.

It’s not a large screen, it’s only a 1.5” LCD screen.  It is plenty large enough to still have your little sentimental attachments at work.  It will store up to 70 different photos, which is far more than you could place in non-digital frames on your desk. The cup can also display the time on it.  The bad part is that it only has 1MB of built-in memory and no way to utilize a memory card, which means those 70 pictures are going to have to be fairly small.  However, at $22.99, that’s still not too bad.

Source: CraziestGadgets