The Desktop Coffee Maker

Getting up from your desk chair to make a caffeine run can sometimes be obnoxious, and occasionally impossible because of time constraints.  With this little Desktop Coffee Maker you could keep wired all day long.  Regrettably the more coffee you drink, the more bathroom runs your going to have to make, but at least you aren’t having to get up for coffee too.  That is of course provided your boss actually allows the coffee maker to stay on your desk.

Luckily, this tiny coffee maker doesn’t use any odd single use little packs of coffee.  It just uses regular ground coffee.  It of course isn’t going to be quite as fancy as the coffee makers that use a specific type of coffee packet, but it keeps the caffeine going all day long.  The coffee maker also comes with two black cups.  You can actually make two cups at once if you want to make a cup for a nearby office buddy as well.  To pick one up, you can purchase them on Firebox for $34.

Source: OhGizmo

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