The DeLighTable

The DeLighTable
This is a really amazing invention from Kloss. The DeLighTable (funny name) is a piece of scientific mastery with some really spectacular technology allowing for a unique and interesting table.

The DeLighTable appears to be just a regular, almost tacky looking coffee table. It has a plain steel frame and a shiny dark surface. It seems completely normal until you set your drink or hand down on it, however, as it suddenly lights up in the pattern by which you touch it!

If your guests don’t happen to notice the electrical cord coming from your table’s leg on their way in it could be a really exciting party object. The entire surface of the table is a touch-sensitive plane which glows wherever it is touched and remembers where it was touched for a few seconds after so you could write your name right on the coffee table!

It creates a really neat effect with drinks, especially those with ice. The table glows directly under the glass and shines up through the drink. If it has ice in it the cubes will reflect the light to give an almost eerie science-fiction look.

The surface is just 25 mm thick! The developers at Kloss have done an amazing technical job of efficient space usage. If you were to push this up against a wall so the cord wasn’t in plain view it would appear to work by magic! It runs very safely on 12V power.

The cool thing about this is that it isn’t just a prototype, you can actually buy one. It is, of course, very expensive however, but if you have a bit of extra cash and really think this is really cool you can get it for $2,256 from Kloss.

You should also check out the AMAZING video. Found via TechEBlog.

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