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The Dalek Illuminating Wall Clock for Doctor Who fans

Dr. Who fans will be excited to see this latest bit of Dr. Who inspired gadgetry.  Although the Dalek played a slightly evil role in the series, you can put it to work with a much simpler task.  However, if you have any worries about robots taking over the world, this probably isn’t the clock for you.  Otherwise you might end up having Dalek related nightmares and end up smashing your clock to pieces the moment you wake up.

The wall clock not only tells you the time, but it also shines brightly through the night.  Which means those that aren’t thrilled about complete darkness in their bedroom will benefit greatly from this Dalek clock.  The Dalek gets a more realistic feel by sitting out from your wall a little, instead of just being a flat boring clock.  Although it does seem like they slapped the clock hands on as an afterthought instead of thinking through how to make the hands look their best, at least the clock has plenty of geek appeal.  To pick one up it will cost you $24.99.

Source: Nerdapproved

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