The Da Vinci Code online, prize competition.

In a great piece of viral marketing Sony pictures have teamed up with the search engine Google and released on online puzzle to promote their upcoming film; “The Da Vinci Code”.

The prizes on offer include:

• A PS2 Playstation Console (with the Da Vinci Code game of course).
• A Sony BRAVIA V Series LCD TV,
• 5 pairs of Eurostar standard class return tickets to Paris,
• 5 x special The Da Vinci Code edition’ K750i Sony Ericsson phones,

and other prize bundles.

The url is but you will need a Google account to enter the competition, and it looks like the competition prizes are only available to participants from the UK at this time.

I logged on and had a look. There are 24 logic puzzles to be solved, each one more difficult than the last. Anyone who successfully completes all 24 levels by May 10th will go into a prize draw to be made at the end of May.

Here’s my attempt at puzzle number 1, for which you have to fill the squares with characters with any repetition horizontally or vertically. Even an idiot like me could solve that one, but I’m completely stuck on level two; I don’t know what they want!

Anyway, I want that Sony LCD TV, so I’ve told the wife to go to bed without me tonight. If anyone has any idea, or tips as to how to get past level 2, I’d be very grateful; but right now it looks like it’s going to be a long night!

Found via Yahoo.

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