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The custom made Nerf Maverick

This strange looking toy is actually a Nerf gun in disguise.  Which is just proof once again that there are a great many of us that don’t seem to want to grow up entirely.  I’d imagine  that the gun originally looked something like this, which is sold on ThinkGeek.  The best part is to cock the toy gun you have to pull back on the cross.  The seller of this mod does warn that although it shoots foam darts, shooting someone in the face could still hurt them.  Apparently he thinks that the adults that would buy such a toy aren’t grown up enough to realize that.

I mean, I personally would never test that theory out, well I might not.  The mod itself is made by using expensive bronzers and toners to give the aged metal look a bit more depth.  Apparently his camera doesn’t quite do justice to the mod, according to him.  He also claims that all of his mods do better than when bought brand new.  The curent bid is up to $46 or you can pick up the original over at ThinkGeek for $9.99.

Source: boingboing