The Cube Clock gives time at odd angles

It’s not every day that one comes across a clock in the shape of a cube.  Well now you can own one, it even places the hands on the corner of the cube instead of on the face.  Of course you might need to be a little careful not to knock into the hands with them sticking up like that.  That likely makes it so that it’d be better suited for a desk clock as opposed to a bedside clock.  Especially if you’re prone to knocking into things when you’re feeling groggy.

Although, it doesn’t have any alarm functions, making it even more of a bad clock to place on your end table.  To run the clock you’ll need a single AA battery.  It comes off of one of the many designer sites that give the designer’s entire life history.  Shockingly though, despite being off of one of those sites, the clock is still very affordable.  You can pick up the Cube Clock by Constantin Boym for $18 through Greener Grass Design.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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